What kind of church?

In December I received promotional email of a sheet music, classifying music by denomination, based of the type of worship service (with plenty of choice in each category).

• Liturgical: e.g. Lutheran, Anglican, Catholic, Russian Orthodox
• Evangelical: e.g. Baptist, Pentecostal, Community churches
• More liberal: e.g. United and Unitarian Churches, Community churches

Hmmm… what defines a Liturgical, Evangelical, or Liberal church…?

I checked the music listed. It appears that “Liturgical” means music has a defined purpose and place in the service, while the Evangelical and Liberal music seem more generic in nature.
When sung outside of a worship service, liturgical music typically maintains a liturgical character, where the other music does not. Liturgical music reflects the doctrine more explicit.

– Is there a relationship between the preaching and the type of worship service? The music seems to indicate this…

– How would people classify their church when it comes to music?

– What if you don’t like the label: would you change to a church with a different label, or try to re-label your church and everyone in it?

– When churches re-labeled themselves, is that just like re-branding a business, including changing corporate identity and the corporate culture…?

One simple marketing email can create lots of thoughts…


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