I am impressed by how much people know about their sports clubs (here in Canada: ice hockey). Every club is different, but a person’s favorite club is untouchable in their eyes. 
– They know the rules, 
– have memorized the players and captains, 
– the past-players, 
– the goals and assists, 
– hat-tricks, 
– have in depth knowledge of the seasons, 
– the playoffs, 
– locations 
– and much more. 
– Their comments during games are grounded. 
– They show their love and passion, discussing their favorite club at any opportunity there is with whoever wants to hear (or not). Don’t say anything bad about their team, because they will defend it!

What if church people would have the same love and passion for the church as they have for their sports club? I imagine that 
– they would know names of their ministers, 
– know their missionaries and what happens in the mission field; 
– they would know all about the seminary, 
– memorize the names of their professors and what they teach. 
– They would know their church order and its purpose. 
– Be familiar with our past Synods and know the upcoming Synod. 
– They would be interested in the history of their federation. 
– They would be eager to share the background of their song book, 
– Tell others about their liturgy and order of worship. 
– They would eagerly share anything they know about their church at any opportunity there is. Don’t say anything bad about their church, because they will defend it!

But… how much do we know about our church, which is Christ’s church, his bride?


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