What are you singing in worship this Sunday?

  • “Many modern hymns are written *to* Jesus or *about* Jesus. But in all the Psalms (and only in the Psalms) we have words *of* Christ to sing *with* him. We find Jesus in the Psalms by hearing his voice leading our praise in every line. “
  • “When we sing songs like “Amazing Grace” or “How Deep The Father’s Love For Us,” we don’t sing them with their authors – John Newton and Stuart Townend, respectively. And neither Newton nor Townend are present in our services. “
  • “The fact that the Psalms seem awkward to us in today’s church and hard to understand is not an indication of any unusableness about the Psalms. Rather, it illustrates how desperately the church today needs to relearn the Psalms. “
  • “Worship music is a controversial topic in churches today. Rarely is the controversy focused on whether to sing more or less of God’s hymns versus our own. It is so often “the traditionalists” versus “the contemporarians.” But isn’t God the one who is jealous for his worship…?”

Michael Lefebvre, “Singing The Songs Of Jesus, Revisiting The Psalms.”


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