Textbooks for the next semester arrived—some interesting quick observations.

A chapter subtitle: “Why God Has Been Lost and Where We Can Look for Him.” Intriguing, and I see the author’s point after a quick scan.

I found a chapter elsewhere called “Qualifications for worshippers,” which I will think about before I read it. (Is worship not just for everyone…? There are requirements to worship…?)

Another book’s subtitle is “Letting the Gospel shape our Practice.” It deals with liturgy: Scriptural, Rome, Luther, Calvin, Westminster, and Modern (contemporary). This one will be an exciting read.

I wonder why worship leaders need to study Systematic Theology, Historical Theology, Pastoral Theology, Biblical Theology, and Exegetical Theology, but I am about to find out.

I have to review Andrew Root’s “The Relational Pastor – sharing in Christ by sharing ourselves.” Not a music book, and I’ll have to find the application for music ministry.

Elsewhere, an appendix gives 28 different definitions of worship, including Calvin’s definition 😊.

I read “The SBC in the 21st century” many months ago, gaining insight and appreciation for the history and current challenges of the Southern Baptists. A new book addresses worship and liturgy in the Southern Baptist tradition (Free church tradition). I look forward to increasing my understanding of their liturgical background and motivations, as it likely will increase my appreciation for the Reformed tradition.


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