Have you ever wondered how it feels to play a large instrument, like the organ, all by yourself? The organ has many different instruments, and you can make different kinds of sound. You can play on one keyboard, or the other, or try them all at the same time!¬†Well… maybe you want to try it, and perhaps you would like to take lessons to learn to play the organ well.


Maybe you play in church and wonder if you can improve your playing? Playing music before or after the services, or accompaniment of the congregational singing. If you wonder how you can make the congregation sing better, consider taking lessons in accompaniment! If you want to lead the congregational singing, maybe you want to know how you can lead. I can certainly help you!


For a pianist the organ can be quite intimidating. Many buttons that each have their own sound, multiple keyboards, no sustain pedal, playing with your feed on the pedal keyboard – who can do that…? Well… most likely you too! I play piano and the organ and I help with learning to play the organ. I will explain the sounds and the technique to play the organ. And help you so that you can lead a congregation as you could never do on the piano.


Sometimes you are expected to play a longer than you have music in front of you – how would you be able to add your own music? How can you make a postlude if there is no postlude written? Maybe you like to know how to start improvising? (It is a skill that organists are known for…) I can guide and assist you in developing your improvisation skills.




I teach organ in the Canadian Reformed Church at Langley with their beautiful Casavant organ, or at my home studio. At this time there are openings on Monday and Friday.

Contact me if you like to take your free first lesson, without obligation!