Church as a Business?

What is the difference between a School of Business and a School of Divinity?  These are completely different studies – but what about a course with the same title, like […]

Spiritual Formation

Last night, I submitted a paper titled: “HOW DO THE PSALMS PROVIDE LIFE-LONG SPIRITUAL FORMATION AND GROWTH?” Some brief thought below. Dallas Willard describes spiritual formation as follows: …the Spirit-driven […]

Lament in Worship?

I had a discussion with some church members about singing. Their point was that the songs in the church should, in principle, be praise songs and that we should be […]

Organist Calling Committee

Regularly I received emails with organist/music director vacancies. Details about what is expected are included, and in one case, applications were to be emailed to the “search committee.” Makes me […]

Singing more Psalms

In the last few years, there is much talk about singing Psalms: rediscover and reintroduce Psalm singing. For example, in 2018, the Getty conference was dedicated to singing Psalms. Some […]