This is an overviews of activities and time line from the start until   the end of the project, almost 10 years.

1998/1999 – Quotes for overhaul or repair of the existing organ. Cost was   more than $ 120,000. This was too high because there was no guarantee of the   improvement in sound.

2000/2001 – Formal contacts were made with several organ builders in Europe,   USA, and Canada. Some builders were not interested, others asked $ 3,000 to   present a quote.

2002/2003 – Evaluation of proposals, vision and organizations of   organbuilders. The decision was made to recommend Casavant Freres as the   organbuilder of choice.

2003/2004 – Decision to purchase a new pipe organ was formally made by the   church. Fundrasing committee starts. We would sign the contract only when 50% of   the funds were raised.

2004-2006 – Fundraising activities.

2006 – Half of the funds were raised and the contract was signed in December   of 2006.

May 2007 – Casavant started scaling and drafting the organ.

June 2007 – Drafting of detailed drawings were submitted for evaluation by   the church.

August-September 2007 – Start of pipe construction and chest construction.

October – November 2007 – Console construction.

December 2007-January 2008 – Construction of Pipe racking.

February 2008 – Organ was taking shape in assembly room.

March 2008 – Preparation of the church building with the addition of drywall to increase thye acoustical characteristics of the room, painting, electrical, etc.

April 2008 – Organ was playable in assembly room. Voicing regulation in assembly   room.

April 2008 – A delegation of our church visited the Casavant facilities and played the  organ for the first time.

April 28th 2008 – Dismantling and packing of the instrument.

May 7th 2008 – Shipment to Langley, BC.

Tuesday May 13th 2008 – Start of installation in the church.

June 3nd 2008 – Start of Tonal Finishing.

June 12th 2008 – Organ completed for final acceptance.

September 19, 2008 – Inauguration Recital.