Sheet Music and CDs

Accompaniment Book 85 Hymns of the Book of Praise

This book includes all hymns in the 2014 edition of the Book of Praise. Can be played on organ or piano.  Includes National Anthems of Canada, USA, and Australia, and Glory to God. REPRINTED 2019. Click the image for more information…

Hymns in two keys

Twelve hymns written in two keys, with a prelude and a transitional interlude. Notations of the choral is sometimes different in the higher key. Nice for use in church, but also as pre-service music. Can be played on organ or piano. Price 12.50 plus 2.50 shipping

CD With Songs of Praise

Psalm Singing CD
Psalm Singing CD

Psalm singing in the Canadian Reformed Church at Langley, in the familiar 1984 rhyming. Price 10.00 including shipping.

Price 10.00 plus 2.50 shipping

Accompaniment 150 Psalms – Sanderman

150 Genevan Psalms - Dick Sanderman
150 Genevan Psalms – Dick Sanderman

Accompaniment for the 150 Psalms by Dick Sanderman. Most arrangements are also suitable for piano.

Price 40.00 plus 15.00 shipping