Sometimes worship is considered our contribution: it is what we offer God, and we can determine what that is. Comments about worship may relate to what we think about the worship service or our view on worship. Different views on worship even led to churches going separate ways…

Oliphant Old explains that our worship is not OUR worship.

“Worship is a divine work: it is God’s saving work among us. It is God’s work of building up the church.”

He also summarizes what happens in worship.

“Worship is the workshop where we are transformed into his image. When we are thus transformed into his image, we then reflect his glory. Through the ministry of Praise and Prayer and the ministry of Word and Sacrament, we are transformed to offer that spiritual worship which the Apostle Paul tells us is “acceptable to God” (Rom. 12:1-2). This is meant when it is said that worship is the work of the Holy Spirit in the body of Christ to the glory of the Father.”

This perspective should guide our discussions and evaluations of worship. What work did God complete in us in his workshop last Sunday? What transformation took place…?

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