When churches or church groups liked to know more about aspects of church music in the Canadian Reformed churches, I have facilitated workshops and speeches. “Knowing more” has resulted understanding, appreciation, enjoyment of singing and playing.

Some of the possible general topics:

  • Church music since King David until the 21st Century.
  • Background and history of the Genevan tunes.
  • Background and history of Hymns.
  • Accompaniment of songs, with specific focus on the Book of Praise.

Some of the topics for (church) musicians:

  • The role of a church musician in light of scripture.
  • How to lead the congregation effectively.
  • Singing and accompaniment together.
  • Starting in time.
  • Influence the congregational singing.
  • Setting the right tempo.
  • Using stops.
  • Accompaniment that is sensitive to the song text.
  • Pre-worship music.
  • Relationship with the pastor.

Workshops can be combined with a music evening for the congregation, which could give the musicians a chance to practice what was reviewed during the workshop.

Please contact me if you would like to explore a workshop…