A selection of twelve hymns from the Book of Praise. Each hymn has a short prelude, chorale, interlude (which is a transition to a higher key), chorale, and postlude.

Nicea (Hymn 5)
Song 67 (Hymn 13)
Sine Nomine (Hymn 23)
Coventry (Hymn 39)
St. Flavian (Hymn 43)
Duke Street (Hymn 45)
Aurelia (Hymn 52)
Lauda Anima (Hymn 67)
Dundee (Hymn 72)
Ebenezer (Hymn 75)
Lobe den Herren (Hymn 78)
Lyons (Hymn 84)

Written in 4 parts, traditional style harmony. Hymn harmonizations are ‘free’ (re-harmonized). Short preludes and interludes make these suitable for use in the worship services. Transitions are uncomplicated, yet different for each hymn, and could also be interesting material for organ or piano students.

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