Despite the low number of members, our neighboring church in Surrey decided not to close its doors earlier this summer. When things don’t look good church-wise, we tend to take our logical conclusion, perhaps cutting our losses. However, our logic is not God’s logic, as our thoughts are not God’s thoughts, and our ways are not God’s ways.

Remember Elijah, who wanted to conclude his ministry: “Lord, take my life.” God asked him twice, “What are you doing here?” When God gives us a task, we can’t just give it back to God. Even if the odds are all against us, as in Elijah’s situation, God may still have a plan.

Three reasons why we need a church in the city:

1 The city is where the PEOPLE are. In North America, 75% of people live in cities (and growing). Churches in the cities can reach people, many people.

2 The city is where STRATEGY is made. The cities are the headquarters of technology, finance, government, industry, entertainment, etc. If we want to impact our world, we need Christians in the city and they must be involved.

3 The city shapes our CULTURE. Influential cultural movements of today originated in the cities. If Christians want to influence culture, they need to be in the cities to impact the people that define the culture.

So what if there are no churches in the city? In Genesis 18, God visited Abraham and announced the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. God would destroy the city because of its sin. But it could have been saved if there would have been just ten Christians in the city. The Lord would have saved the city for the sake of ten people! Only ten Christians could have saved millions!! But because most Christians left the city, God executed his plan of destruction.

  • I am thankful for this church to remain in the city.
  • I pray for God’s blessing on the church’s decision, God’s guidance and his wisdom for their leadership, and supportive surrounding churches.
  • I pray that God will use their members to shine as a light in the darkness.
  • I pray that God fills their building with people from all tongues and nations.
  • I pray that the Holy Spirit will open hearts of the neighbours.
  • I pray that seeking people will find; that hopeless people may find hope and that God’s love will bring change and healing through this church.

Would you join me?


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