A prophesy not found in Scripture, but practiced in churches!

The self-fulfilling prophesy is not in Scripture, yet churches make use of it frequently. I am thinking about church music and church musicians.

How often do you hear the complaint/concern/thought: “There are no new organists to accompany in church?” Cases where I heard this expressed, are all churches that don’t have a plan for getting new organists! Others have organists that lack skills. Churches don’t do anything about it, and just let the congregation sigh and wish for a band, rather than sing with an organ…

It’s a self-fulfilling prophesy…

More and more pianos are being used. People share their concerns: “the piano music is not suitable for the worship service”, or “the piano is introducing Christian Contemporary Music in our church services”. The church says “we have no options…”, but in reality they do not have a plan to address it. Ten years from now, they will say “we did not know…”.

It’s a self-fulfilling prophesy…

What are the options?
– Contact organists that teach – encourage your (young) people to take lessons.
– Make the organist position a likable position rather than the most talked about/criticized.
– Send people to the Church Music Summer Institute and pay the costs (if any).
– Contact organizations like the RCCO/AGO and start talking.
– Collaborate with other congregations in the area.
– Attend a Church Musician meeting when they are held and join the discussion
– Laissez-faire and laissez-passer… the self-fulfilling prophesy…


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