The church does not celebrate Christmas YET but is in the season of Advent until Sunday, December 25.

Advent is “Sursum Corda,” lifting up our hearts. Advent is also lifting up other people’s hearts. Christians cannot celebrate Christmas without Advent.

Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer said: “The celebration of Advent is possible only to those troubled in soul, who know themselves to be poor and imperfect, and look forward to something greater to come.”

This week someone commented: “Come, Lord Jesus, Maranatha!” on one of my music videos. Israel prayed this for Jesus’ first coming, and we pray this for his second coming. The world considers this the Christmas (shopping) season, but it is not Christmas yet to the church – we are looking forward!

“Looking forward to” begs the question of who, why, and what?

This time is giving hope to a world without hope.

This time is providing a bright outlook for people seeing a dark future.

This time is sharing God’s fulfilled promises, giving perspective to the year ahead.

This time is encouraging the generations concerned about the leadership in this world, giving our testimony of Him

who is coming with the clouds of heaven,

the King of kings,

the Lord of Lords,

the Light of the World,


Mighty God,

our Saviour,

the Everlasting Father,

the Prince of Peace,

the True Bread,

the True Light,

the True Vine,

the Truth,

the Way,

the Light,

the Root of David,

the Bread of Life,

the Chief Shepherd,

the Faithful Witness,

the Firstborn From the Dead,

the Resurrection and Life,

the Good Shepherd,

the Lord of All,

the Hope of Glory,

the Image of God,

the Ruler of God’s Creation,

the King of the Ages,

the Morning Star,

the Offspring of David,

the Only Begotten Son of God,

the Lamb of God,

the I Am,

the Living One,

the Living Stone,

the Lion of the Tribe of Judah,

the Alpha and Omega,

the Amen.


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